Living in this era filled with common social myths and legends I have come to realize how these things affect us to a drastic extent. All this time we have thought of myths as some kind of legends reserved for the existence of queer thoughts. But these queer thoughts and beliefs have found their way into our lives and are affecting us to an unfathomable level.

Living and growing up in eastern society, I have also been subjected to such nonsensical beliefs. And this is not a story from one woman’s life, these myths entail all of our normal daily routines. We hear them until we start believing them without asking why or how these rumors have come to define us and our lives.

Through this blog, we have taken an initiative to try and explain all these unsolved myths to all those women out there who have come to believe them and worse have already accepted them as their fate in these remorseful times.

Computer Scientist working to raise awareness among common youth regarding social myths